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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Emmerdale, Corrie & Sunset Beach - My New Holy Trinity

What with Sunset Beach being back on, I thought my current UK Soap fetish would die out. Sadly, it hasn't. I am so excited by tonight's hour long Emmerdale special that I just told a homeless man about it.

No lie.

I've never really liked Britsh soaps, but a few months ago I started getting into Corrie, which somehow led to an Emmerdale addiction and, sadly, I've even watched EastEnders on occasion. This is awful for so many reasons. Mainly in that I have a strict limit on how much TV I allow myself to watch in a week and my UK soap addiction has meant I can no longer fit Murder, She Wrote into my schedule. It's appalling, galling and, urm, annoylling.

I am currently in love with the new gay in Emmerdale, he's everything I want in a guy - arrogant, bitchy, flawed, gorgeous and not very good at acting. I also *heart* the ex-Queer As Folk dude living with Todd Gayshaw in Corrie at the moment, a "bitchy queen" with a heart of gold is exactly what the Street needs. Todd is as nice looking as ever, but he's too meek. Sure, he'll inherit the Earth, but surly it would be a better feeling to bitch slap Sarah Louise in the face.

Also, Steve MacDonald. :-)


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