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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Five Star - Another Weekend.mp3

We'll start with CD1, Track 12 - Five Star's Another Weekend. Another Weekend was the first track released off Five Star's Rock My World album, it was, at the time, The Best Song I'd Ever Heard EVER! It seemed like the most experimental, out of this world, original, funked up piece of music my 8or9 year old self had ever heard. It was the fourth vinyl single I owned as a child (after The Wheels On The Bus, I Should Be So Lucky and Into The Groove (I never actually owned Into The Groove, but when asked I always say it was the first record I bought, so technically Another Weekend was my third). I still think it's quite a top tune today, but nostalgia and years of being a Five Star fan may cloud that opinion somewhat. For Smash Hits' description, please click on the above picture.



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