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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Foxy Lady

I have just read Trash Addict's lovely post on Fox News, it was almost as wonderful as Greta Von Hairstyle herself. Although I strongly advise against ditching Fox for the Weekly World News, if only for the simple annoyance of how the ink rubs off onto your fingers - that never happens with Bill O'Reilly.


Anyone into Fox's special brand of awfulness should check out Outfoxed. The movie, by the director of the glorious musical Xanadu, is an outing of Fox News as a Republican propaganda machine. It also has the benefit of serving as a kind of Fox's Greatest Hits package which is where the real value can be found. It's available from Amazon at a very cheap price, so it's worth checking out.

In the Al Franken book, Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them, there's a top chapter about Fox that is both interesting and amusing. I will always be indebted to Al because his book led me to Ann Coulter, a regular Fox pundit. She's simply the best, most-hateful person alive, here are some of her finest moments...

"There's a reason hurricanes are named after women and homosexual men, it's one of our little methods of social control. We're supposed to fly off the handle"
"We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity. We weren't punctilious about locating and punishing only Hitler and his top officers. We carpet-bombed German cities; we killed civilians. That's war. And this is war"
"When contemplating college liberals, you really regret once again that John Walker is not getting the death penalty. We need to execute people like John Walker in order to physically intimidate liberals, by making them realize that they can be killed, too. Otherwise, they will turn out to be outright traitors"
"God says, 'Earth is yours. Take it. Rape it. It's yours'"
There's a full-on, but old, article about Ms Coulter here that's worth a look, but before you read it I suggest you print out the quote about hurricanes and homosexual men, frame it and hang it over your front door. You may want to print out the "Leather Bitch"* picture from her official site and hang it underneath too.

*My title, not hers - you'll know it when you see it.


  • At 4:25 pm, Blogger Nixon said…

    There's something compelling about Fox News– it's so awful that you can't help watching. I'm especially looking forward to The O'Reilly Factor for Kids by Bill O'Reilly himself.

    There's an equally good documentary called Spin in which an American politician slags of homos and George Bush talks about his anti-anxiety medication. You can download for free at Illegal Art.

    (And check out 'State of the Union' and Todd Todd Haynes' 'Superstar' on the same site.)

  • At 5:48 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Invading their countries is fine with me . Nuking all of them is preferable.
    Try wiping the dribble off your cheek yellow spine boy..after all, Ann Coulter doesn't take on the defeated, so you are safe. Well, as safe as a 'zero'can be.

    eat your nightmares to the bloody bone wimpette, to the freaking bone.

  • At 1:26 pm, Blogger ZFW said…

    Love the illegal art thing, thank you!

    Well Mr Anonymous, you obviously have some spine! What with revealing yourself and all, I'm sure Ms Coulter appreciates you acting on her behalf. Well done for expressing yourself so well and remaining completely unhypocritical. Kisses.

  • At 10:26 pm, Blogger Spyder said…

    Conservatives,how fucked are they?? My boss used to give me shit because I'm liberal. Said that all the liberals want to take away our guns. I said that I'm one liberal who believes in the right to bear arms,and if it was up to me,all liberals should carry guns,if only to shoot any conservative republican we see. He didn't know what the hell to say,and just walked away. Hasn't bothered me since!!! The main problem with them is that they think that we don't like to fight back!!! Har dee har har!!!


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