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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Picture This

I'm in the act of loving Flickr, an online photo storage thing that the lovely Groc told me about earlier. You can finally see too many pictures of my cats - all in one place!

I will always love Troubled Diva's list of poofs & lezzers (and trannies and Betty Bothways) in pop, which will one day be required reading in schools throughout the land. Sad how small a list it is though.

I also love the new Silk Cut Slims that are available from your local newsagent. Not that I smoke anymore of course, but if I did occasionally sneak one during a particularly rousing song in the club just off Gay Street then they would be the ones I would go for.


The last thing I love today (besides my family, my friends, my cats, my god and my pop) is finding an old worn out VHS "cam classic" of my man and I performing a dramatic dance interpretation of the Melrose Place theme. I didn't love realising how much weight I have put on since then. I may have to do a Dr Phil challenge.



  • At 7:23 am, Blogger Sydney AKA Candeee said…

    Your photos are scrumtrulescent!

    I love the kittens, love the Joan Crawford facial mask moment, love the Tamara De Lempicka painting, love Jessica Angel, love the Fear in the Rear neon sign (that's what it said, right?)...basically, love them all. But Bird Man scares me. Not really.

    Overall, nice quirky collection :)


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