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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Political wobbling

I was watching part of the Labour party conference today and it struck me that I have no idea how to vote come election day. From my point of view Tony Blair and his posse are, on the whole, evil, corrupt and Murdoch friendly; the Conservatives are backward, snide and conservative; the Lib Dems are a bit of a mess despite some wonderful individuals within the party; and although the Greens are cool, I can't see myself voting for them (especially without a Ralph Nader equivalent). I adore Respect, and everything they stand for, but do they have a chance? Is it worth wasting a vote on a party who have no chance of winning? But, then again, is that the sort of thinking that prevents anyone but the Tories and Labour getting in?

I think, as bad as a two-party system is, the Americans have a much better deal when it comes to voting choice, at least they have two (usually) differing sides to go with. Since Labour went New (read: realised that public relations/spin was more important than telling the truth) they've basically lost a lot of what defined them and have become too centrist/"populist"/close to the Cons/evil for me to respect them (and that's aside from the fact that Tony Blair has spent too much of the past year looking like a scared monkey/f*cked up pensions/any chance of preparing this country for the long-term future). I think we need to change our voting system to Proportional Representation in order to give Respect the respect it deserves. Let's get Faye Dunaway over to launch the campaign.

I'll hold my hand up and state for the record that I'm basing all of this on my own perception and that I can't be bothered to back-up what I'm saying or wait till the manifestos come out - I'm not one of them political bloggers after all (although I do hold a Political Studies A-Level, which I've always found funny/surprising) - anyways, Pokemon Leaf Green/Fire Red comes out on Friday - which Pokemon should I choose to start my adventure with?


  • At 3:24 pm, Blogger Sydney AKA Candeee said…


    I got to learn more about British politics.

    I am fascinated by Parliment (when I can see on TV) and the way "the right honorable sir or madam" snidely makes horrible comments to the oppositions face. I have my popcorn ready and can't wait for the first parliment bar fight to break out!

    Just make sure you vote...write in John Kerry if you must. ;)

  • At 10:59 pm, Blogger ZFW said…

    Jigglypuff for Prime Minister!

    I think I'm just going to vote for Respect, partly so I can sing Aretha's opus at the voting booth.

  • At 12:13 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dude, I'm the same. All registered to vote with no where to go.

    Labour started well, but like the conservatives under Maggie are losing their grip on reality. Blunkett's a dangerous fool, and Blairs covering his rear. The Cons are awful. As always, their campaign is all about "the other lot are crap" as opposed to anything about how they might have something good to say. Libdems, as you say, not great despite a few good eggs. Dunno about Respect, possibly a bit too "right on" for my taste.

    I am very glad though that we have this choice. Voting a party who is unlikley to win isn't a wasted vote. They still get something from that, and it's a shot across the bows for the "big two and a half" (recent local elections saw dodgy parties like the BNP slip by "the big boys" because the big boys were asleep). Besides, politics in this century isn't about left vs. right, it's always a bit of both, which is why parties are harder to define, and harder to vote for.

    As always here in the UK, it'll come down to the lesser of a bunch of evils. You know they're all crap, it's just how crap that counts ;-(

    Coofer Cat for Prime Minister (and President while we're about it).


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