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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)

Last night, I had the best dream in the world...ever! I was in this HUGE open plan art gallery, kind of Tate Modernish but bigger and with less levels, same weird grates in the floor though. There were these massive displays of inflatable art, all made to resemble food, objects or space craft. Each piece was vibrantly splashed in many colours and you could walk through, under or below each piece. In one corner of the gallery Lindsay Lohan was shooting a film, I walked over to see the filming and she was doing a scene kind of similar to the one in Grease 2 where Stephanie strolls off into the distance singing the end of Cool Rider. Lindsay wasn't singing, but shouting out "Cont! Cont! Cont! Freakin' Cont!". Some friends then strolled beside her and laughed. Then, Lindsay laughed and my viewpoint of the dream pulled back so what I was seeing was happening on a cinema screen. Lindsay turned to the viewers and said "Oh my god, can you believe I just said a word that sounded like cunt... in a movie!" whilst looking as Lindsay as ever.

I was then back in the art gallery watching filming, and I noticed the director was Andrew Flemming, director of my favourite rom-com, Threesome (which he also wrote), and some episodes of the ace-as 90210/Dawson's Creek spoof Grosse Pointe. I immediately starting chatting to him about how wonderful Threesome was and how me and two friends used to present a show on student radio called Threesome in honor of it (true in non-dreamworld). I then got a bit caught out because he started talking about Dick, which I've never seen, but I bluffed and got away with it. Then, who else but Anita Roddick turns up and her, Andrew, Lindsay and me decide to start singing "Free-eeee Nelson Mandela", but after one line, decided to change it to "Free-eeee the huckabees", which is odd because I've yet to see the film, and don't really know what it's about other than it looks pretty damn good.

Then some other stuff happened, but I only have 5 minutes left on the library computer, so I'll leave it to your imagination.


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