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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Kiss My Face

Wa! What a week, I nearly got arrested (twice) for expressing an opinion, met someone who looked just like my Sim (with worse hair but nicer tats) and spent over 2 hours last Saturday talking to Margot Kidder. The three are not related.


What a tale that would be! Talking of tales, L-O-V-I-N-G the Aguilera's new version of Car Wash.

If I'd been a good blogger, this week I would have:

- spoken of my desire to be John Edwards' perverted love slave
- done a fabulous bit of writing on how much I adore Rosemary & Thyme (it's this year's Murder, She Wrote), how I grew up near one of this week's suspects and how Felicity Kendal makes me giggle in a very naughty, but special, way
- gushed over other people's wonderful blogs which I haven't had time to read, but will certainly catch up with tomorrow over a nice cup of coffee and a soggy biscuit
- done a very interesting, heart-warming post about how I made an old person's day, only to ruin it by going off on a tangent about Jessica Fletcher and what amazing hair she had on Friday
- put up some more MP3s
- got a nice looking template and/or logo
- mentioned this wonderful idea for getting people presents this holiday season

Hey! I did do that last one! I'm not so bad after all. As a prize to myself for doing it, I'm gonna get me a goat.


  • At 4:13 pm, Blogger Cyn said…

    I find John Edwards seems kind of disturbingly like he is made of plastic.

  • At 8:15 pm, Blogger Sydney AKA Candeee said…

    Jon Edwards= Tan plastic with a big old MOLE on his upper lip. God, I hope Kerry wins!

    This year's Murder She Wrote? That's a pretty big statement to make. Now I got to see this show!


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