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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The Ladies Who Lunch


  • At 12:51 am, Blogger Sal said…

    pole damners

  • At 10:16 pm, Blogger Sydney AKA Candeee said…

    I need to do a slight fashion critique of these buxom babes.

    They are wearing the new school versions of Barbie heels which are just too PC, too rounded and too innocent. What happened to the "fuck me pump" look? They should have brought back the old school 1980's Barbie stilettos. God* love'em!

    *My God replaces the usual HOLY one with fabulous designer shoes. All praise Manolos.

  • At 5:01 pm, Blogger Lee said…

    "...and you can stop that expression, you stony-faced cow..."


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