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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

3 Chains O' Gold

Isn't Prince and the NPG's 'Symbol' album just awesome? I've been travelling up and down t'country for the past few weeks (hence the deplorable lack of posts) and it's the CD I find myself listening to most. Anyhoo...


Isn't it just the best holiday ever? I once again found myself getting evil in a small Oxfordshire Manor House with some freaky twentysomethings. I went as ZombieGareth, or Zombeth for short. The costume basically involved working 15 hours before putting on some second hand clothes ripped to shreds and some bright yellow contact lenses. The effect was great, so great that I fell asleep about 4 times before midnight. Last year I met someone who dressed up as Candy Jones, a former model turned sleeper CIA agent, but sadly there wasn't a costume to be found that sparked up a new passion this time. I did see a very fetching Generic Vampire Boyband Member though, so it wasn't a total loss. I was kind of hoping to run into Parker-esque, an ex-boyfriend I met at the same party last year. Well, not the same party - who has parties that go on that long? The party was at the same place and hosted by the same people, that's what I mean. Mean. Clean. Green. Mr Sheen.

Parker-esque wasn't there though. Neither was my current boyfriend but that's because I don't have a current boyfriend. Me and the Maxx split up; I'd like to say it was mutual but it was more social, compatible, sexual, irresistible and other Take That related words that have an 'l' sound at the end. OK, that's a lie, we split up because of Luke Perry. Don't believe me? Yeah, well don't believe yourself either, father fucker.

Oooh - I have jobs! Two of those gosh darn non-profits have employed me! I'm now an officially paid Youth Worker for Kindergays and a Deputy Manager In Charge Of Volunteers for a fundraising agency looking after da kidz in Darfur. I'm still working for free as a Campaigner for free-trade and third world debt (as in "get rid of it", not "let's have more" (and vice-versa for the free-trade)), and now that I'm getting paid by the other funkers I can do even more of that, which is grrrrrreat. I'm still doing my counselling course, so have to devote a bit of time to the gay centre doing Face to Face stuff, manning the hotdesk and taking in homophobia reports, and that's probably the most rewarding of all the things I'm doing at the moment. I honestly can't believe how much work I'm doing though, last week I worked out I did 55 hours. That may not sound like loads, but take in travelling time and Sunset Beach viewing and it means I barely have any time to myself or my two Coreys. I'm not complaining though, (even though Mr Haim and Mr Feldman are), I have never been more in line with my authentic being than ever before (apart from that time I went shopping for needles with Jessica Fletcher and Zack Morris).


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