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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Get Up, Stand Tall

Despite all the horrible events of the last few days, there is some good news to share. One of the homophobic reggae artists spilling their ignorant and hate-filled lyrics throughout the country has been forced to cancel several gigs after pressure from local gay rights groups to venues where he was due to perform. I think the Scotland Yard investigation may have had a little to do with it too.

I'm all about freedom of expression and the right to say what you think within an appropriate context (as long as you are open to having it challenged in a voice as loud as yours), however, it seems to Bea that many of these rappers are using anti-gay lyrics just to stir up a bit of coverage in local papers and regional radio to up their ticket sales and enhance their 'brand', which is a bit too Republican for my liking. So, "fucking yay!" to that.

Also, there's a memorial walk from Compton St in London at 6:30 on Friday to mark the death of David Morley, I'm unable to make it, but I hope as many people who read this that can make it turn up. Be sure to make as much noise and as much love as possible for him this Fireworks Night, and all nights - to quote an email I got earlier:

"I urge you all to fuck for him, get angry for him, cry, laugh, love
and fight back for him and ALL queer people who've been killed, abused, spat at, called 'queer' (but not in a nice way), made to feel less than the wonderful human they are or generally been pissed on because they're not straight!! Everything we do all the time makes a difference. Do it with intent and it REALLY makes a difference! Go on, light a sparkler for your queer mourning and see what happens!"


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