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Monday, November 29, 2004

Just One More Round Friends

George Lucas wants to ban the Star Wars Holiday Special, thus depriving the great and the good of one of Bea Arthur's finest moments!

Shame on you Mr. Lucas, shame on you!

Thanks to the wonder of the internet and this site where I stole it from, you can hear the Beauty in this little 4.4MB mp3 file! My personal highlight is at 02:50-3:46 - not only my top 7th musical moment ever, but also a preview of my future gay wedding ceremony. While you listen, I suggest checking out some dope vidcaps at Stomp Tokyo.

There used to be a video of it somewhere on the net, but I can't find it at the moment so let Bea know if you have it. Until then I'll be watching the infamous Bea Does Sex and the City clip at and listening to Meet The Golden Girls at (a site "committed to the online repackaging of content from the television series, The Golden Girls [in order to] allow the series to grow beyond the limitations of a simple 80's sitcom and eventually establish itself as a vital cornerstone of American culture!)


  • At 8:06 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Last night I dreamed I was making out with you, although we've never met, and I'm probably not your type anyway.

    You were a great kisser.


  • At 2:55 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Bizarrly I had a dream about snogging a stranger last night. Maybe we totaly got it on in a another dimension?


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