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Monday, November 08, 2004

The Way That You Make Me, Phil

I'm doing a presentation on Dr Phil's Life Laws for my counselling class tonight. I phil it's important that the good doctor's words are spread around the minds of future counsellors as joyously as room temperature butter over freshly baked bread. I'm keeping it fairly tongue in cheek because with Dr Phil you kinda have to, plus, since the other week's "David Brent as relationship therapist" role play by yours truly (scrumptious), I've built up a rep as 'the funny one' which my desire for approval means I'll do my best to keep up.

Anyway, whilst doing some really, really in-depth research on Google Image Search, I stumbled over this site, possibly the world's most bestest religious website ever. To start with I thought it was a piss take, but after some extensive clicking I've decided it's genuine, the real deal, and, if you will, the O.G. It seems to Bea, that this type of approach is exactly what the church needs to be doing to get the kidz and the cuntz into church. If the muthas at my local church group started doing 'Top 10' lists that quoted Randy Jackson and gave out lectures on popular reality shows I'd be 9% more likely to go and check them out. Fair enough, that means I'd only be 9% likely to go, but until the church accepts Melrose Place as the true bible it's the best result they're gonna get.


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