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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

New Cat Alert!

This is Fenton-Tammy Michael Roddick Prosperity Donna Stefani-Winfrey The First. He is half-uncle(?) to two of my current army of cats - Joan-Ethan and Dylan-Alexis. He is no relation at all (and, in fact, their relationship is rather frosty) to my Sergeant Major, and first ever cat, Nomi.

Jeeps I've been busy the last week or so. Some highlights:
  • Supervising a float at a town parade. I got my mother to be Mary Poppins, which must have satiated some deep down repressed false memory from my childhood. At least, I hope it did.

  • Getting an AWESOME job offer which I had to turn down because it was in another country and I got scared that I couldn't exist without the English. Tsk! Silly Bea!

  • GEEK ALERT: Joining an internet role playing game where I have my own TV station called TMN (The Malone Network), although I haven’t actually gone from joining to playing yet, it can only be a matter of days.

  • Discovering the joys of Grand Theft Auto. Not the game, but the soundtrack box sets. Oh sweet Lourdes, those mothers are awesome! I highly, highly, highly recommend tracking down a copy of each. Especially the Vice City 80's-flavoured one.

  • A boy from France with whom I dance(d).

  • Getting my freakin' Popular DVD box-set!! I'm aleady half a week behind on EastEnders (cor bliiiimeeey bless 'vat Staceee Slaaaaterrr, apples 'nd pears, apples 'nd pears, wot's gaaain' on 'ere then? Aaaiy! Luv me baaaaby you slaaaaag, etc.) so I've no idea when I'll get round to watching it, but just owning it is more than enough. May we all be truly grateful.

  • Shannis.


  • At 2:47 am, Blogger Sydney AKA Candeee said…

    I think that CONGRATS are in order for about every single item on this entry. Sounds like things are going your way. YAY! :)

  • At 3:15 pm, Blogger Dr.Philomena said…

    One do you tell your cats apart (other than Nomington)? THey all look so similar!

  • At 4:24 pm, Blogger ZFW said…

    Well, it doesn't look like it from the photos but Fenton is a silver tabby so he's quite different to Dylan-Alexis, who's a gold tabby. Joan is easy to tell apart from Nomi even though they're both black. Joan-Ethan is smaller and walks like she's on extra high heels.


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